EPI values every partnership and strives to give back to the communities our partners serve. 


Each year, EPI puts more than $100,000 into these communities via athletic programs, local civic organizations, and other non-profits who provide vital services.


Let us help you meet your fundraising goals this year!

Raise Funds for Your Organization

Event Partners Inc. (EPI) welcomes your organization to work as a part of our team as a volunteer group for a fundraising opportunity.  EPI is an event staffing company based out of Charleston, SC that provides staffing services for multiple Colleges and Universities across the Unites States.  In addition, we staff numerous other concert venues, music festivals, and sports events. 


We will utilize your group members as part of our staff on game and event days by working them in customer service roles and positions for athletic events, concerts or other events.  Groups are paid in a similar manner to our part-time staff members – per person per hour – with one large check being made out to the group instead of paying each individual.


Partnering with EPI is a fun and exciting alternative to traditional fundraising opportunities and allows your organization to develop teamwork, togetherness and a sense of accomplishment while working toward raising money for your organization.  Event days are a great way to raise a substantial amount of money in a single day!


Professional appearance is an important part of the EPI Team Member image. You will be given a dress code for events. At the event, an EPI shirt or jacket will be assigned to you, which you are required to wear properly and in its entirety.


As a member of our team, you will share our Company’s goal of providing our Guests with a consistent level of friendly, attentive and responsive service. As an Event Team Member, you are also sincere, positive, punctual and dependable. You take your position seriously, you care about your work and you act professionally.


Your important contributions would include:


  • Initiating a sincere, friendly, and personal greeting to guests as they arrive at the venue entrance, aisle, concourse area or other location.
  • Being upbeat, alert and attentive to your job; not appearing distracted or disinterested. Making full eye contact with a guest so that the person knows you are focusing full attention on him or her.
  • Providing guests with helpful directions and/or suggestions, which will enhance their entertainment experience.
  • Offering a sincere “Thank you for coming”, “We are glad that you are here” or, “We appreciate your coming tonight”, as you complete your encounter with each guest.
  • Smiling! Whether you speak or not, your warm, sincere smile will make every guest feel welcome.
  • Using a natural speaking voice, with a friendly tone.
  • Being as friendly with guests when they are departing as you were upon their arrival. This means making eye contact, smiling and providing an appropriate phrase, such as “Good night, have a safe drive home”, or “Good night, thank you for coming”


Volunteering with EPI will provide your group with valuable work experience, the opportunity to work events and earn funds for your organization.